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revenue Revenue Management
Revenue management
Optimise your hotel's profit.

The benefits of good revenue management.

When we talk about Revenue Management, we're referring to a group of actions and strategies to enable you to optimise your hotel revenues. By definition, the main goal of revenue management is to supply the right service, to the right customer, at the right time and at the right price.

Where can you find a customer who is prepared to pay more for a room in your hotel? This is one of the questions that a Revenue Manager tries to answer, and there are numerous variables that determine whether or not a customer is prepared to pay a specific price for a specific room, at a specific time.

These factors include the customer's level of need, their economic capacity, the time of the journey and your competitors' offers. All of them should be evaluated and used to the hotel's advantage, to achieve the highest possible revenue at each booking.

Certainly, hotel distribution is becoming increasingly complex and comparing prices on the Internet is common practice among customers, who are now used to directly purchasing their stays online. It's clear that the Internet offers hotels a huge opportunity to improve their revenue, as long as the variables are managed properly.
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Achieve maximum profitability

Conscious of the importance of using Revenue Management techniques correctly, we offer you a complete plan specially designed for independent establishments and small hotel chains that do not have their own RM department. The Revenue Plan will allow you to rely exclusively on the experience and knowledge of our team of revenue managers, continually at your hotel's service.
We'll help you develop an appropriate strategy to optimise channels and prices, which will allow you to achieve maximum profitability in your business. You'll also reduce operating costs and time, achieving greater management savings and efficiency. Finally, we'll support you in designing and developing activities to promote events, trade fairs and seasonal campaigns.
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What does the revenue management plan include?

  • > Analysis of the initial scenario in relation to customers, channels and competition.
  • > Definition of the target customer and the most appropriate channels to reach them.
  • > Development of a strategy that includes prices, availability and channels.
  • > Evaluation of the suitability and profitability of each channel according to its productivity.
  • > Price loading in different channels.
  • > Daily price setting and availability management.
  • > Implementation of strategic actions.
  • > Results monitoring through periodic reports.