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Customed Solutions

Customized Solutions

Our commitment to every project goes way beyond the development of technology tools and the integration of specialised software.
Synergy's main draw and the differential value of our programme is that we offer you an advisory service which supports your hotel in the daily management of your online resources; ensuring the maximum profitability of the tools that we have developed and that we now place at your disposal.Our value proposal is based on this.
Therefore we make available to you a full menu of online management services that complement our technological solution and contribute significantly to the success of your project.
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Google Adwords
Google Adwords, membership and retargeting campaigns
Our SEM team successfully manages large online advertising campaigns. We offer you all their expertise to attract qualified traffic to your website at a variable cost without investment.
We strategically design and manage campaigns in order to reach a select audience of interest to you, and convert their visits into bookings, maximising your return on investment.
Google adwords

Advantages of online advertising

  • > Designing clearly defined campaigns based on our objectives
  • >Achieving measurable and profitable results
  • >Personalising the advertising message depending on the visitor
  • >Positioning the brand, product and/or service ahead of the competition
  • >Increasing web traffic with qualified visits
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of improving the visibility of your hotel website on the organic results of search engines and allows you to naturally move up search engine rankings, increasing your online visibility. Our team of SEO specialists creates and optimises your web content with the objective of reaching high rankings on the main search engines.
We work in line with a strategy that allows you to identify the most relevant and related terms with your natural market in order to attract qualified traffic suited to your commercial objectives.
Trivago & TripAdvisor
Exclusive agreements with Trivago and TripAdvisor
Benefit from the special agreements that Hotusa Hotels has established with these comparison sites.
Improve your visibility and direct sales to your hotel.
trivago kayak
Web analysis
Web analysis and results reports
We offer you all our experience, the fruit of managing multiple online projects, to continuously monitor your information and subsequently analyse the results.
This activity allows us to gain an overall vision with which to establish the keys for developing a successful strategic plan.
Email marketing
Email marketing and product campaigns with related landing pages
Email marketing campaigns are hugely effective for both marketing and customer loyalty, as they can reach a great number of customers in a short space of time and at a reduced cost. Therefore, we have a large database of quality registrations and proven responsiveness which will increase traffic to your website, encourage direct bookings and, with time, strengthen links with your customers.
To maximise your email marketing campaigns, we develop product landings. Landing pages in which you can show offers and specific promotions to customers with the aim of directing email marketing activities to a page developed especially for promotions.

Services related to email marketing are:

  • >Graphic design and responsive layout
  • >Product management
  • >Sent from our email marketing platform
  • >Results monitoring (revenue, open rates and reactivity)
Social Networks
Marketing on the Social Networks
Develop your business across various social networks. We devise your social media strategy which allows you to strengthen the bonds between you and your customer, developing new channels of communication and having a presence in one of the scenarios for prescribing and making decisions to purchase products and services.
We maximise your presence on the social platforms, connect with your audience and achieve a fluid conversation that brings you closer to your potential customer.

The objectives are:

  • > Generate qualified traffic to your booking portal
  • > Develop measurable, achievable and cost-effective actions
  • > Develop measurable, achievable and cost-effective actions
  • > Interact with users
  • > Attract new clients and build loyalty with the existing ones
  • > Manage your online reputation
  • > Increase the visibility of your brand
  • > Manage a channel of customer service
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  • twitter
  • instagram
  • youtube
  • pinterest
Consultancy and Training Service
Consultancy and Training Service
Consultancy and premium support
Our extensive experience gained through developing numerous projects with great success in terms of management and profitability allows us to transfer our knowledge so that you can implement them in the management of your hotels. In addition, we provide our know-how that allows us to quickly detect possible weaknesses and threats in different areas of business, converting them back into strengths and opportunities.

Our team of experts will help you to map out and develop strategic plans that will serve as a daily guide and in making decisions. The use of good practices combined with a panoramic vision and perspective will help to optimise your sales channels on the short/medium term.
Be assured that your team is ready to successfully take on your hotel's online marketing project to the highest standards.To this end, we the opportunity to participate in training sessions so that everyone involved in the various areas of management gains adequate experience to optimally develop the best strategies.

These training sessions can be carried out individually and personally or in small groups.
Content Marketing
Content Marketing
Content Marketing consists of generating and distributing relevant content for the consumer client with the aim of connecting with them to attract them towards our brand. To do this, the main value that we need to consider is the usefulness and the interest of the information. This depends on being capable of generating conversation around you and empathising with the tastes and concerns of our customers and potential customers.

Good content marketing management allows an increase in the visibility of our brand, reaching audiences with valuable information, settling doubts, managing expectations and positively influencing decision-making.

Our services:

  • > Creating and editing content
  • > Revising and correcting content